What are your injection dosages?

My wife and I are active in the gym, I have been a long time steroid user so my wife finally hopped on board and has been doing Test P after many anavar cycles for gym gains, But by doing this she seen her clit doubled in size (still small because it was almost non existent before) and she LOVED the sex drive.

She is currently going on week 7 using test p first 4 weeks we were at 20MG a week and last few weeks we upped to 30MG a week.

the first 30mg a week her sex drive was insane… and now only 2 weeks later it comes and goes and she is super upset thinking something is wrong with her and wants to increase the dose to get the sex drive back and grow her clit bigger.

Our concerns are… shes a female and wants to stay a female but shes not worried about the hair growth or acne ect, she just is concerned about the voice changing.

So here I am I am curious what MG people are dosing a week to get the clit growth / sex drive back without going full blown FTM and without pumping.

We are considering blasting a few weeks to a month at 45mg to see if we can plump it up and lower dose back down for a period and then try this again maybe.

Any opinions or help? Thank you!

Hi, My dose is 90 mg of testosterone cypionate every two weeks. The effect on my clit has been fantastic. However, I could do without the baldness and facial hair.

My voice changed a little from soprano/alto to alto/tenor. Like you wife, I was most concerned about my voice getting too low. However, I am delighted with my new singing voice.

Regarding how testosterone will effect your wife, there are no equations for x dose resulting in y amount of voice change or body hair. The best predictor is to look at how testosterone has effected men in her family.

Hope this helps.

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