Personal Update - Results! (no pics sorry)

Been a while since Ive been on here, but I started using a pump 2 months ago, although minimal I have gained some volume and have ‘pre’ prepped for DHT cream by administering minoxidil (no finasteride since it will just nuke my DHT which defeats the purpose lol) now I believe I’m ready for the cream I’m just trying to find a source but once I will I shall add it to my routine. I’ll probably return to keep a log going on here if anyone is insterested, also if you know of anyone I can speak to about getting my hands on some cream I would be very grateful!

Christi xxx

Hi Christi,

Thanks for posting. I’m interested in updates on your clitoral enlargement journey.
As far as cream, I can’t help because my only experience is with injectable testosterone.


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