Journey to Continue Growth

I started growing my clit around the end of 2021 by using cream prescribed to me by my LGBT doctor called DST. By using the said cream, I was able to get to the following(non aroused) size below within less than six months.

I wanted to get bigger but in the beginning of 2022, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot to offer, but then something happened in 2023: a lot of sex workers particular from South America began popping up with big clits. I found this to be interesting since South America is very laxed when it comes to dr*g usage. Of course, I reached out to some of these sex workers and they claimed to be natural but I’m not dumb(plus these sex workers were either muscular or practically a man due to how much usage they took). So I began to do even more research and discover their past social media pages where they were still sex workers, but their clits were relatively small. I won’t post their images nor will I say their names because I was permanently banned from Reddit from doing just that; hence, why i signed up here.

Anyways, discovering their past social media pages I was able to learn more about the world of anabolic dr*gs(just in case this word is not allowed). Most in the big clit world and even the trans world aren’t really aware of such substances but the body building community is. So I began to do even more research and interact with people in this underbelly world specifically interact, and speak with the females who take these substances and how big their clit had grown.

Testosterone and/or TRT are given to patients regardless of gender in small dosage so as to reach a natural state balance for the said person. Ex: TRT/T, DST, DHT, etc.

Anabolic substances is a higher dosage of testosterone that promotes more growth. Ex: Tren, Anavar, Clen, etc.

HGH-Hormonal Growth Hormone is a simple protein that is responsible for growth. Ex: MK677( I became acquainted with a trans man taking this substance prescribed by Dr. Powers but because I was permanently banned from Reddit, I no longer will be able to follow up with the progress of his t-dick(clit).

There was a time when I thought DHT was the power house for clit growth but upon doing research, the clits on DHT still seemed small. It would seem there are now bigger and harder players out there. Of course, I do not recommend any of this without the guidance of a doctor because again, these substances have potential to leave unwanted side effects and health problems.

Come January, I have an appointment with another LGBT doctor since I moved to a new city in 2022. I am hoping she is more passionate about helping those seeking bottom growth and is willing to listen to me in regards to the said substances and whether they can be applied in a healthy and effective manner.

I shall continue to post updates and what have you via this thread.


Thanks for sharing your picture and your research. Please let us know how your appointment with your new doctor goes and if you make any new discoveries.

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I absolutely will and I shall also check in on this site. Its bookmarked now.

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So I went to the LGBT clinic and will be starting on T cream that I hope to only be on on a short time. Apparently the doctor was shocked to hear about me using DST; the doctor I had at my previous clinic must have really thought outside the box. Let’s see if this gets results.

Hi East,

Thanks for the update. Please let us know if you like using the t cream.

I’ve been applying my t cream on my clit before I go to sleep at night. While messaging t cream on my clit is a more pleasant way to take testosterone than shots, it’s a bit frustrating that I need to keep the application area dry for two hours.

I will absolutely keep you updated; I faxed the sign forms yesterday so I should be getting the prescription within a week or so.

Hmm, I have not yet received my cream. I’d say its been about a month since my initial clinic visit. Now, I am unsure if there is a backlog. I live in a very pro-lgbt city and getting an appointment was literally six months in advance. I’ll seek a status update come end of next week.

During my meditations, I will visualize you getting your testosterone cream and will send you good vibes. Sorry to read about the delay.

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I suppose I’m not too dismay; I understand others need the cream more to transition whereas I’m just taking it for the potential growth after some months. Maybe its a sign-the delay…

I have my cream. The plan is to be on it for about three to six months. Clitoral growth usually comes within that time frame. There are theories, that it grows for however long one is on T but the studies don’t seem to back that up nor the testimonies of those who’ve been on T for years!

Although I have my T cream, I won’t actually start to apply it until after my pap smear on the 25th of the month.

Hi East,

Sending you good vibes to wherever you are. Please keep us posted on your clitoral growth adventure.

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Okie doke pokie, so I began the T cream regiment. I started on the 25the right after my pap smear appointment and luckily, everything turned out all right with my pap smear. Whooo whoo!!! So now I shall see if there’s been progress by the end of April. I do not expect to see results if anything until maybe four weeks but we’ll see.

Alright I’ve been taking for 11 days and I haven’t notice anything. Now I will say, I have a lot of pubic hair and that could be the reason. Of course, I’ll continue to provide updates.