Clitoral Atrophy - starting my own journey for a plumper nub to rub!

I’m going through perimenopause and taking HRT for my symptoms (still having periods)
My sex life is non existent despite being married (hetero).

I use masturbation to keep juicy and it works for me but slackened off for a few months. Recently I’ve been horny as hell but my clitoral sensations are barely there, and even erect it’s much smaller than before.

I discovered the sub-reddits and looked into feasibility in the UK - found Superdrug do an online Doctor scheme whereby I could order a testosterone test kit for women with no face to face - I got approved on age alone and paid £55 - I collect the kit tomorrow! So no awkward conversation with the Dr !

It’s done with a fingerprick drop of blood and they sell women’s dose testosterone for £18 once approved!

I also watched a menopause interview, apparently, we’re supposed to have more testosterone than oestrogen (but a tenth of what men have) which is really interesting.