Can someone explain why clitgrowth is beneficial for straight women?

I have been looking into the topic for a while now, but I am yet to conclusively find a solid reason for it, like I completely understand FTM reasons but I’m curious as to why straight girls are doing it. Sorry Im not knowledgeable when it comes to this topic tho I personally would have been looking for ways to increase enjoyability of my sex life and here I am, though I worry about using things like DHT gel since Ive heard it causes hair loss

Thanks Christina x

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Hi Christina,

First, I’m a lesbian and can’t speak for straight women. Personally, I cherish my big clit because I feel her presence rubbing against my underwear all of the time. Seems like I’m usually in the semi-stimulated state.

In lesbian sex, I can stimulate my partners clit with my clit. It’s a tremendous turn-on. If I were heterosexual, I could do something similar and have clit-to-dick contact.

Lots of me have fetishes for big clits. Most of people who message me about being turned on by my big clit pictures and videos are men. At first, I was afraid of them. But, I’ve started to enjoy chatting with them

If your clit gets real big and you post pictures, expect lots of men to contact you.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Christina,

If you’d like to see my clit, here are some recent pictures. If you are not interested, that is fine.