4.5 months DHT (FTM)

Been on 20% concentration liquid DHT rubbed on my face for 4.5 months~ and found I had a slight increase in length and girth which is cool. I mainly tried DHT for more facial and body hair (got that too).

I was already much bigger than average before any hormone treatment, I’ve been told so by guys before. I’ve never been on full Testosterone.

Pre DHT:

October 2022

From 2020

2 months soft v hard

4.5 months ~


Very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

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Yesterday I started using 1 drop of DHT directly on my dick once a day to see if it helps growth + got myself the dominix pumping kit to try which should be here tomorrow (if Lovehoney doesn’t fuck up my delivery again).

Please let me know if you enjoy pumping your clit. I love it!

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So far I’ve found it quite affirming and when I masturbate with a womaniser (using their large sucker top) it’s so much better feeling and I’ve gotten great orgasms.

Sounds like a heavenly masturbation experience. Thanks for sharing.

This looks great! I’m trying to get DHT myself for bottom growth - could you possibly DM me or reply about how to source it reliably? It’s so hard to find and I’m not sure if various sources are legit.

Welcome to our clitoral community. Hope you’ll find what you are looking for regarding dht.
Personally, I take injectable testosterone and don’t have the answer to your question.

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If you have questions about clit pumping, feel free to ask. I love clit pumping and have found that it helps to add size, beyond my half dose of testosterone.

Also, I identify as a woman or non-binary.

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Hi AMyosotis:

If you are interested, here are a couple updated pictures of my clit:

In Friendship,

Update on pumping. I don’t think I’ve had any difference in size yet. First 2 are soft, last 2 are hard

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You look great. Your progress is coming along.