3 Months on Testosterone Cream

Dear Friends:

This morning, I pumped my clit, which felt heavenly. Please let me know if my clit looks bigger.

Note: Before switching to topical testosterone cream on my clit, I took injectable testosterone for ~28 years, but not as much as someone transitioning would take.

Okay so this answers my question. The T dosage is quite low.

When I took testosterone shots, my dose was only 90 mg / 2 weeks. A transition dose is 200 mg/ 2 weeks. Maybe my clit would have gotten bigger if I took more testosterone, but I can’t risk more masculinization with facial hair and a deep voice. So, I’m grateful and satisfied with a 2 inch clitoral erection. Thank goodness that my voice sounds androgenous, but not overly masculine, so that I can still live as a woman.

The amount of cream that I use is equivalent to the shots that I used to take. My clit might have gotten a little bigger, but I’m not sure. As long as it doesn’t shrink, I’m satisfied.

Have you noticed a difference in libido between injections and cream? I am currently using gel applied to my thighs. I am not getting the extra libido I want so I am debating raising my dose of gel or starting injections.

Good question. I haven’t noticed a change in libido. I have several clitoral erections each day, regardless of shots or cream.